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Centrus – a high quality residential space in the centre of Riga.

Centrus is a high-quality and private living environment that gives you the benefits of the capital city centre, while enjoying the convenience of privacyin your own apartment.

The centre of a city is the main part of any city – it is a historical place in Riga as well, bringing together people since the early days of the city. It has been a melting pot for acquired knowledge over many centuries; it is where the architecture and landscaping experience of a number of the…

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Centrus – a high quality residential space in the centre of Riga.

Centrus is a high-quality and private living environment that gives you the benefits of the capital city centre, while enjoying the convenience of privacyin your own apartment.

The centre of a city is the main part of any city – it is a historical place in Riga as well, bringing together people since the early days of the city. It has been a melting pot for acquired knowledge over many centuries; it is where the architecture and landscaping experience of a number of the most talented historical masters of the city have been implemented; it is where the fulfilled dreams and realized hopes of citizens live.

It is the home of a truly integral value – the memories of different generations. Many, varied, splendid. It is where life is in full swing – regardless of the time of day.

People who love living in comfort and respect their time, those who are dynamic, energetic, stylish, vital and joyful live in the city centre. The city centre always surprises us with its diversity, colours, splendour and range of options.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the centre of Riga has become the fulfilment of another unique, new and modern dream – the newly established living environment for those who prefer convenience, privacy and security in the very heart of the city. This is Centrus quarter.

We make a completely enclosed living space, tailored for individual interests that allow you to use the benefits of capital city centre while enjoying the convenience of privacy in your own apartment.

Centrus is a city inside the city, providing a comfortable living space, high-quality business location and a special place to relax.

The author of Centrus is the internationally recognized Latvian architect Zane Kalinka, whose work is characterized by strong sense of place, surroundings and lifestyle, respect for the comfort of residents and the aesthetics of the environment; her work features open and pure space, made special by carefully selected details. According to the architect’s intention, Centrus residential buildings and surroundings will respect the dynamic life of the city centre, while giving residents real privacy.

The surroundings will be complemented and enriched with details less characteristic of residential buildings in the city centre – a green courtyard for a cosier and more natural environment, large terraces and balconies. Extensive façade glazing will emphasize residents’ connection with the environment. Residents will be able to interact with the public zone of Centrus quarter, while maintaining complete privacy and a secluded living environment.

An exclusive location, high-quality architecture, and impeccable quality of buildings, apartments and services – these features characterize Centrus: making life, work and rest here prestigious, special and popular.

There are two seven-storey residential houses – with 84 flats – under development in Centrus quarter. The first floors of the buildings will house shops and cafés. In buying a flat here, new owners will get a comfortable and high quality flat in the city centre, while maintaining the privacy and convenience of everyday life.

Modern and carefully selected top quality materials and the latest technologies are being used for the structure of the buildings and furnishings. The rational and convenient planning of the residential buildings will make life comfortable and cosy in the centre of Riga.

The Centrus project developers have solved the parking problems characteristic of the city centre. A wide two-level underground car park will meet the needs of residents. Modern elevators will link the car park to flat entrances.

For the comfort of residents, the outdoor space is private, closed and intended only for their use. A green courtyard with various lighting, with two-tone granite cobblestone, elements of environment and small architectural forms further emphasize the attractive and dynamic environment, with multifarious moods. Parents can rest at ease while their children enjoy the playground.

Alongside the closed residential environment will be a landscaped public zone in the Centrus quarter. A pedestrian promenade will connect Dzirnavu and Blaumaņa streets; with cafés and recreational areas, and shops on both sides of the promenade.

Centrus is located in a part of Riga once famed for the city and known as Little Paris. Riga has changed since then, but the enchantment and personality of the bustling centre remains. Two worlds meet and blend in harmony – business and leisure.

The newly developed project Centrus is located in the active part of the city centre – in the quarter surrounded by Tērbatas, Dzirnavu, Blaumaņa and Barona streets, and encircled by historical Art Nouveau buildings. This is a safe haven established in a completely safe and high-quality environment, with the always changing and dynamic daily rhythm of the city awaiting you just outside Centrus.

This place began to flourish at the beginning of the 20th century and has not stopped since then. Economic life meets the world of high-quality entertainment and culture. The economic life of the quarter till the mid-twentieth century was characterized by pastry shops, cafes, inns, photographers, and pubs. The local cafes, hotels and recreation areas in the mornings were enjoyed by businessmen from all around; during lunch time intellectuals and students flooded the neighbourhood with their chats and lazy discussions, and in the evenings writers, artists and actors added their bohemian charm to the area.

The neighbourhood of Centrus is surrounded by the most remarkable historic and modern sites and buildings in the city. Just a few minutes’ walk to the green Vērmanes garden, with many fountains and monuments, the Latvian National Opera, Esplanade, Freedom Monument, and to the Old Town – a unique part of Riga on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The “calm centre” of Riga, located near Centrus stands out proudly with its Art Nouveau architecture. Convenient public transportation, taxis, cycle paths, and nearby main streets give easy access to Riga International Airport, the central railway station, Riga bus terminal, passenger port and marinas. The sea resort town of Jurmala and the Gulf of Riga is located only a half hour’s drive from the city, with excellent relaxation, spa complexes, and summer concerts and entertainment.

Riga is known as the Pearl of Northern Europe on the shore of the Baltic Sea. The modern and dynamic city surprises, impresses and inspires people because of its well-preserved cultural heritage, special charm, rich cultural and artistic life, and many parks and squares.

Art and culture lovers will enjoy the theatres, art galleries, concert halls and cinemas. Equally important are the restaurants in nearby neighbourhoods, with international cuisines that will satisfy the taste of all gourmets.

Numerous shopping centres, banks, government and local authorities will ease the needs of a comfortable daily life.

The project has a wide range of high comfort level apartments, aimed at dynamic city dwellers and those who love a separate and particularly private lifestyle. The main feature is the convenient, logical and flexible layout of the flat. We offer buyers two-, three- and four-room flats ranging from 47 to 118 square meters.

Owners of apartments on the seventh floor can install a fireplace, but air-conditioning systems can be installed in all apartments. Each future flat owner can select an apartment with private outdoor space of his/her wish – small balcony or large terrace. Extensive façade glazing will provide a link with the outdoor.

Centrus residential buildings offer a choice of the three most appealing residential interior design trends – classic, cosy and modern.

The classic or actually the modern interpretation of classic is dominated by sound and sustainable values, and appropriate materials for ceiling and wall finishes, floor and door materials. Classic lines, values tested over decades and cherished by generations, impeccable quality surrounds every interior nuance.

The cosy or natural style creates a sense of home because of warm colours, authentic shapes, secure and familiar environment, all surrounded and accented by natural materials. The natural environment is familiar, cosy and “warm”. The details are real and true.

White minimalism and elegant shapes dominate the modern environment. Hi-tech equipment, maximum efficiency with minimum effort Clean lines, mild shapes, latest quality, discrete finishing solutions facilitating daily life, providing real convenience.

Residents will have high quality facility management and 24/7 comfort service, helping people in their everyday lives and in emergency situations too.

For convenience, the service will provide privacy, order, security and organization of technical issues in common areas.

Additional to the daily responsibilities, the comfort service will help residents meet personal, social and technical issues. The cleaning of flats, repair, technical support, consumer services, postal and courier services, delivery services, reservations and other daily necessities can be entrusted to the management service that will find the best solutions.

The construction of Centrus is ensured by one of the leading Latvian construction companies Skonto būve. The company is the 2014 leader in terms of reputation in the field of construction and real estate.

The author of the interior design of Centrus is the Latvian company Anna Barons which has been a recognised high-quality furniture and interior design brand since 2007. Due to the high quality of their design, manufacturing and services, Anna Barons has earned customer loyalty in Latvia, Sweden, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Egypt and elsewhere.

In explotation from: 2016. year.

Region Riga
Settlement Centrs (Riga center)
Street Dzirnavu street 83
Area from 74 m2 to 134 m2
Total floors 7
Rooms from 2 to 3
Sale from from 2994 EUR / m2
Rent from from 2500 EUR / mon.

Properties in this project

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ID: 512902

Apartment for rent in Riga, Riga center
Dzirnavu street, 7th floor, 3 rooms, 134.40m2

2500.00 EUR 18.6 EUR / m2


ID: 433689

Apartment for sale in Riga, Riga center
Dzirnavu street, 2th floor, 3 rooms, 110.00m2

345000.00 EUR 3136.36 EUR / m2


ID: 510156

Apartment for sale in Riga, Riga center
Dzirnavu street, 3th floor, 3 rooms, 115.20m2

345000.00 EUR 2994.79 EUR / m2


ID: 511221

Apartment for sale in Riga, Riga center
Dzirnavu street, 5th floor, 2 rooms, 74.20m2

295000.00 EUR 3975.74 EUR / m2


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