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Small-family project


Buildings of  Small Family project are built from blocks. Mostly all buildings of this project are 5 and 9 floor high, but also there is 12 floor building made of  bricks. In all apartaments there is conjoint toilet facilities, All apartaments has their own loggia.

This project characteristizes with long pulbic corridors, which can strech from buildings end to end, like in hostels
This projects buildings mostly are located in Plavnieki, Purvciems, Ziepniekkalns, Imanta, Kengarags and Jugla. 


  • Lower average maintenance costs; 
  • Lower prices, compared to other similar series; 
  • Compact lodging layout; 
  • spacious loggias, which when glazed, can be used like veranda.


  • Problems with sound isolation;
  • Problems with heat insulation and damp-proof course;
  • In this projecr are only one room aprtments;
  • Conjoint toilet facilities;
  • Cong public corridors.


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Apartment plans

1 room, 36m2
1 room, 36m2