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467 series


Buildings of this series were built in Riga in the 1970s and 1980s. These buildings are related to buildings of the 602 Series.

There are no significant differences between the two series in terms of their design and layout, except that buildings of the 467 Series are a bit younger and have a slightly different facade.

Contrary to other panel houses, external walls of the 9 storey buildings in the 467 Series may be decorated with coloured tiles or plastered with broken stone. Compared to the 602 Series, these buildings have loggias rather than balconies.
Buildings of this series are mainly situated in the Krasta housing estate, Purvciems, Plavnieki, Imanta, Kengarags, Ilguciems.

Compared to other panel houses, the pros and cons are:

  • Better heat preservation and sound insulation; 
  • More comfortable and spacious stairway; 
  • A comfortable layout (in particular for double room flats) 


  • Minimal rebuilding options. 
  • Problems with heat and sound insulation

Used literature for information prepare:
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„Many storey residental areas in Riga”

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Apartment plans

1 room, 31m2
2 rooms, 47m2
3 rooms, 57m2
4 rooms, 72m2


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